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Falmouth Physical Therapy accepts most insurance plans, including Workers’ Compensation claims and motor vehicle accidents, while our services are also available on a self-pay basis. Patients are encouraged to contact us first to determine if their insurance plan is accepted. We are in network with most major providers, such as:

Community Health Option

Martin’s Point – Generations Advantage

Martin’s Point – U.S.F.H.P.







United Health Plan

Worker’s Compensation

Liability Insurance Carriers

While we participate in each of these insurances, we may not have been invited to your specific plan. We are out of network for Harvard and Cigna, though you may have still benefits. You should always contact your insurance carrier if you have questions. Please tell them that the NPI for our clinic is 1760-444-996 so they can reference our practice specifically.

Patient Paperwork

Our Fax: 207-781-5077


If you are a new patient, please download and fill out the Welcome Packet PDF in Section One below. Then follow the link in Section Two to complete a questionnaire that most closely identifies your primary complaint and reason for visiting the office. Print and return all completed documents at your scheduled appointment. Alternative methods would be to mail or fax the forms to our office. Our fax number is 207-781-5077. With your confidentiality in mind, we are unable to receive emails with personal data.


If you are returning to our practice after more than two months and less than one year, please fill out the Returning Patient documents under Section One below. Then follow the link below in Section Two that identifies by your chief complaint. Complete and print all documents including the questionnaire and return via mail, fax, or bring them to your appointment.


If you are unable to complete the paperwork, please arrive at least 15 minutes earlier to complete the paperwork at the office and to avoid a shortened appointment.

Section One:

Returning Patient Forms

Download the Files »

New Patient
Welcome Packet

Download PDF »

Section Two (Questionnaire):

For all patients new and returning, which category below covers the area of the body you are primarily looking to treat at this physical therapy appointment?
Follow the link to complete a short Questionnaire and PRINT the results to bring to your appointment:

"Dave & Joe have kept my professional ballet career going strong (I'm over 40). After stress fractures, bone spurs, pulled hamstrings, herniated calf muscle surgery, and more, I am still on the dance floor! Plus they are the nicest guys you could ever meet."

– Janet

"Dave & Joe are more interested in treating their patients than billing codes. They are focused on you during your full one hour appointment. They work your scar tissue, muscles & psyche. They will watch you do the exercises, giving you tips and corrections as needed. Effective, ethical and professional PTs with great personalities!"

– Lisa

"I have seen Joe on a number of occasions and he has helped me with so many pain issues.  He does a lot of hands on work, as well as giving me exercises and things that I can do at home to help the healing process along."

– Tee

Falmouth Physical Therapy

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